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[FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT Standard API Reference]

int ff_chdir( const char *pcDirectoryName );

Change the current working directory in the embedded FAT file system.


pcDirectoryName   A pointer to a standard null terminated C string that holds the name of the directory to make the current working directory. The string can include a relative path.


If the current working directory was changed successfully then zero is returned.

If the current working directory could not be changed then -1 is returned and the task's errno may be set to indicate the reason. A task can obtain its errno value using the stdioGET_ERRNO API function.

Example usage:

void vExampleFunction( void )
/* Create a sub directory called subfolder. */
ff_mkdir( "subfolder" );

/* Create a in subfolder called sub1. */
ff_mkdir( "subfolder/sub1" );

/* Make subfolder/sub1 the current working directory. */
ff_chdir( "subfolder/sub1" );

/* Make the route directory the current working directory again. This could
also have used ff_chdir( "/" ); */

ff_chdir( "../.." );

Example use of the ff_chdir() API function to open or create a file

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