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FreeRTOS has a rich and constantly growing ecosystem of add-on and complementary products such as trace tools, pre-integrated software packages, libraries, and commercial RTOS offerings that provide additional value to you.


FreeRTOS partners with semiconductor manufacturer to jointly provide reference implementations for specific microcontrollers and microprocessors. The reference implementations are usually provided in the semiconductor partner's tool chain.

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Development Tools and Kits

FreeRTOS partners with development tools and hardware kit manufacturers that provide incredible value to developers building on FreeRTOS. Development tools and kits are essential to get projects off the ground and accelerate productivity through rapid prototyping and enhanced debugging. In some cases, the tools can be actively used in production workload contexts.

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Training and Consulting

FreeRTOS partners with training firms to help get your product teams and individuals building on FreeRTOS up to speed on FreeRTOS development quickly and in a structured way.

FreeRTOS partners with consulting firms to help get your embedded developers jump-started in the right direction or even deliver your entire product built on FreeRTOS.

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FreeRTOS partners with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) provide entire software libraries that enable turnkey functionality in your project and entire FreeRTOS licensed or industry tested packaged distributions.

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Safety Certification and Commercial Licensing

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems, a FreeRTOS strategic partner, provide safety certified and commercially licensed versions of FreeRTOS libraries.

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